Friday, 15 November 2013


In Between the uni work I found time to do these quick paintings, just for practice if nothing else

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Project One: Rooftop

For the first project for my third year I worked on a rooftop that I designed, built in 3ds max and put together in UDK. I textured everything in Photoshop and Crazybump for my normal maps. Here are my moodboards I made, my design direction took me towards a night scene with a football pitch or two incorporated into the architecture of a rooftop.

I then started to develop various pitch designs, patterns and colour's a flat green would be way too boring!

Some thumbnails were made soon after for scale, lighting and a better understanding of design. I chose 3 that caught my eye best and developed them further into 3d concepts.

These next renders show a more final, developed level. I started fleshing it out and adding various small assets.

After putting everything together in UDK the final outcome varied slightly. I did not have the texture budget to add the advertising boards into the level but apart from that, everything else came out quite well. the texture budget was 4 x 1024 and the tri budget was 20k; the duration was 4 weeks. 

I learned tons about UDK, scale and quick asset creating during this project, one thing I did miss was the surrounding buildings which I may add over the Christmas break, as for now, I'm calling it finished.