Monday, 5 May 2014

The Result

Evaluaiton and Thoughts

                      So this was the outcome, I started out with a much larger vision in mind and maybe even more dynamic but time really got the best of me with this project. I also realised that this level could have been more interactive for the play and maybe better thought out in terms of setting. That being said I am happy to actually complete a large project such as this, 3 months is far too long to do one project and I did loose interest in it at many stages.

I learned tons about engine work and how important refference can be, especially in a situaiton like this when you are making something that pretty much exists in the real world. If I were to change anything I would definitely spend some time working out how to make puddles and cubemaps, I think that would have added to this level greately but I did not plan well enough to fit it all in.

Though I achieved what I set out to in a general sense, I think my work ethic can improve tons and doing something of this scale has definately iproved my pipeline and speed for making assets. I also wished I had spent longer on the surrounding buildings and lighting, I think maybe some more particle effects would have also brought this vision more to life but it has come to an end as it is and I will take these things on board on the next environment I work on.

Here is the finished flythrough!

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