Tuesday, 10 December 2013

FMP: current ideas and thoughts

For my final major project I want to build an environment. Specifically a decaying city similar to the likes of what has been depicted in I am Legend or Crysis 3. I have not set myself on a particular location and think developing one from scratch will give me more flexibility than working from somewhere that already exists. This is what I am looking for.  (none of these images are mine, they are collages of existing media that I do not own myself, just to clarify).

I quickly developed some top view maps, just to understand scale and how I could potentially block things out. 

Here is a 3D whitebox of what I could pull off, of course after getting feedback on this by the tutors I realised that the scale was far too large for the time scale I have. Bearing this in mind I will probably build around one third of what is shown below. Also there is no vertical areas so interior will be implemented. Also focal points are almost non existent so that also has to be assessed and developed.

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