Wednesday, 12 March 2014

FMP: putting it all together


After putting what I mostly have into engine and compiling it all together, a few thoughts came to mind. Blocking off the roads will now have to be prioritized in the coming weeks and the buildings need to be textured, this is what I will be working on next. The tram can remain untextured for now.

I also need to work on foliage to add tons of green to the level, to which I will dedicate a week. At this stage (a week or two past half way) I really need to work quickly in order to finish everything. I also need to create a secondary focal point which I am considering to be some sort of military vehicle. This could also assist in a vehicle portfolio which is a bonus.

Another week needs to be given to the smaller assets, some of which are modeled. Such as traffic lights, street lamps, fire hydrants, bins, etc. Reaching this level I feel that my speed has increased and I can definitely apply it to the coming weeks as I am developing a more consistent pipeline with every asset, now it is time to really apply myself!

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