Wednesday, 12 March 2014

FMP: The Road

It was time to work on the road, there were a few ways I could approach this. The most logical being to develop a tile texture, quite basic in detail, and then break it up with alphas. I did initially want to sculpt it but it would have not been as efficient, especially considering time. So I searched for quite a few reference images and ended up bashing quite a few together using overlay layers, the clone stamp tool and some grunge brushes, this was the result.

At this point I realised that adding moss only from alphas might be quite a stretch so I applied a quick layer pass of moss, quite randomly scattered so it would tile well. Now when I work in the alphas of cracks and other growth I can have something underneath as a foundation. 

I could vertex paint more in CryEngine but for now I will leave it at that, I am still unsure how effective that process can be, I am also debating whether I should make gloss maps or not, it might be quite interesting to set the level in a damp, rainy atmosphere, however that would reflect back on a more dull lighting setup.  

Here are the final renders from marmoset. 

Here are some screen grabs from engine, my tram rails do darken the ground quite abit, which I wasn't expecting so it may be interesting to put some vibrant assets under there. More to come!

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