Saturday, 8 March 2014

FMP: the tram - part 1

Instead of looking at random trams or underground trains I decided to look at the actual tram on the Chicago L tracks, however this created a problem. There are no blueprints that I could find for this particular tram, so I had to do everything from eye, I started with a human scale and built the door accordingly and worked from there going back and fourth with my moodbaord.  


This is the current progress, the wheel mechanisms were hard to get downs as my reference was not high res enough to figure out exactly what everything looked like so I did my best with a tri count of 15k including interior in mind. The current tri count is around 12k. I estimate using 2 x 1024 or equivalent to texture this vehicle. Now it is time to model the final details and then make a highpoly/unwrap everything. fun fun fun.

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