Friday, 28 February 2014

FMP: the curb

Here I modeled out some street lamps based of the images I screen grabed from google maps, the screen grabs are from Chicago. I also did a quick road black asset, I may sculpt into this if I have time. 

 It was time to start work on the curb, this was meant to be modular but initially I wanted 3 different ones which will have 4 unique sides, this would result in 12 different curb variations. The images above show two out of three, sculpted in Zbrush. After some critique from a friend I realised that three was way too many and one would do so I abandoned these models and worked with one.

This is the high-poly curb I decided to retopologise and bake down, and here are the results after texturing. Here is the final result.

The reason I have left this at 1024 and around 500 tri's is because it will be one of only two curb mesh's imported into engine to make up the whole level, for this I think I can get away with a larger scale. Also it will be close to the player's view so it has priority for detail.

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