Wednesday, 26 February 2014

FMP: Paintover and Architecture

Here is a paintover I did to get a feel for the destruction I am going for. Though it is not finished the reason I stopped working on it is because I am yet to decide on what kind of tram I want. Also I felt I may put in some larger cracks on the road, maybe to suggest some form of earthquake. 

 (all photos taken by me)

During January I found myself in Scotland for a weekend trip. I found some amazing architecture, very 18/19th century, the buildings looked as if they were preserved. Though I am setting my environment in America I thought these would fit really well with my theme, though it proved more difficult to make them in a modular fashion, the outcome should be superior to generic industrial/office buildings.  

Here is a set of 3 modular buildings I made, these should get me around 15 different unique buildings, I think I will work with these first before making anymore for now, I also may have to make more ground floor variations and details as that will be eye level with the player. 

Also starting to get things into engine to confirm/test scale.

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